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Why is ps3 hard to develop for?



  1. Due to the CPU’s structure. PS3’s CPU (Cell) differs from standard PC’s CPU. It has different architecture and more kernels.

  2. Cell broadband engine / the cooling structure / the wireless bluetooth sixaxis / the smart fan of ps3 means the cooling fan will increase its speed when ps3 gets warmer / Ventilation design / specially the chips including RSX / cell broadband / emotion / chips / the software structure all the menu in ps3 including update support / programming the cell broadband engine for games is the most and the hardest developing system thats why some ps3 games back up cause of lower investment /

  3. Thats not a problem anymore.

    And it takes time for people to relearn how to develop for different formats. But the companys have overcome this now, just see drakes fortune gran turismo, and mgs4.

  4. Becuase of the 8 cores (though games can only run on 7) it requires the coding to be passed out amongst all the cores, which cna be tricky to make sure the right code passes the right core at the right time.

    pc’s only got cores a few years back so its pretty new teritory for most programmers.

    having 8 cores can be a disadvantage for cross paltform games as the 360 is using only 3, so developers jsut code for 3 cores on ps3.

    when more programmers get the trianing expect more cores to be used (highest ive heard is 6 for the new final fantasy) expect the games to have a huge boost is quality.

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