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PSP or PS2?


im still thinkin which one to buy, i dont care if im goin to play it at home or not. which is better? thanks!

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  1. Both are great but the PS2 has a huge library of great games + you can usually find them pretty cheap!!.GOOD LUCK!

  2. psp is good because of the fact that very few games are coming out for the ps2 anymore. But the ps2 has the most amazing back catalog of games u can buy used at gamestop or online. Over all its gonna come down to whether you want to be able to take ur games on the road with you frequently.

  3. PS2 is better. Like I tried 2 games NBA Live 08 on psp and ps2 the ps2 has more buttons so it’s better and of course a bigger screen (depends on you tv) while the psp’s screen is small. I like the PS2 more but it’s up to you, if you move a lot than I would suggest the psp but otherwise the ps2 is the best choice.

  4. Both are exceptional, The decision needs to be based on if you need portable or permanent?

    The PS2 is only usable in a fixed permanent location.

    The PSP however can be portable and with the new composite video out port can be hooked up to your TV.

  5. ps2 is good if you dont care, because home consels are much better and easier to play, some games are really hard to play on the psp but are easiy on the ps2,

    but with psp you can put music videos ,pictures and lay games,

    Get the ps2 if you are not going to get the ps3, but many games are only on ps3 or the 360,

    If you are planing to get the ps3 get the psp,

    I have both and use both,

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