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Is Embarq Internet service able to be used with Xbox 360?


I have Embarq with a 660 modem (wired) DSL. Using a Linksys (wired) Router to hook both my computer and Xbox 360 up. I am able to get online. The Nat on the Xbox is STRICT!

Xbox can’t help.

Linksys can’t help.

This has been going on for over a month. Phone calls and emails.

U have ports open. 88, 3074, and 2869.

I have under security things disabled and under Aministration. Disabled.

Is there anyone that can help?

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  1. I have the same setup but no problems, don’t know why you seem to be.has your computer been downloading modem firmware updates?

    If you just run straight from the modem is there a problem? Or just from the router?

    EDIT: Glad to hear you got that straightened out. Don’t know about the microphone problems you are having. If you have an under age 18 acccount, it might have something to do with family settings in account management. You will probably have to ask another seperate question dealing with your mic problems.

  2. Sounds like your router is the problem. Have you tried hooking your Xbox 360 directly into the modem, and see if that works? If it does, get a new router. Try to find one that is designed with gaming in mind. I posted a link to a router below, that will fit your needs if you find it to be the problem. Their is NO better router for that price, and I guarantee you’ll never have problems with it again.

    BTW: My friend has Embarq and plays Xbox 360 online all the time with no problems, Its not your internet service.

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