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How come the PS3 is so much cheaper?


Playstation 3’s are 399.99 without tax in futureshop and bestbuy in Canada. With tax they are liek 455. it only comes wiht one remote and 1 more remote would cost around 55 dollars. I recently got my Ps3 at Pacific Mall (asian mall). I got it for 450 no tax PS3 and 2 remotes. How come it is so much cheaper? (if my Ps3 breaks, i have a warranty so don’t tell me some bs.)

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  1. no LEGAL ps3 system ships with 2 remotes. sony never released a system with 2 remotes, unless the remote came seperate. it can be a refurbished system, or it can be a japanise version. NOTE: the japanese version will not work with us/canada games. if u didnt had to pay tax that means the system was stolen or imported illegally, because even on refurbished stuff u have to pay tax on

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