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Can my PS1 play ps3 games?


I bought Metal Gear Solid and InFamous for my ps1.But the ps1 can’t read the disc.Is there something wrong with my playstation?I Don’ want to get a new one cause I have no money.And I spent all of my Birthday moneys on these two games. =(

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  1. ps3 games and ps2 games don’t work for ps1. that’s like trying to stuff a Blueray disc into a VCR player.

  2. No! The PS1 is old technology whereas the PS3 is newer and unlike the PS1 or PS2 uses a blu-ray dvd drive to read game data!

  3. ohh its probly your playstation. cuz all my ps3 games work really good on my original playstation, if not better than on a ps3! you could try pounding really hard on your playstation cuz they sometimes get a lot of dust that clogs it. maybe you could try using a new memory card too since the games need more space, if worst comes to worse you might just need to buy a new ps1. hope i could help! 🙂

  4. no. but if you have a ps3 you can buy ps1 games off the playstation store. my ps3 has crash bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 on it

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