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Xbox One & PS4: 2016 Results + 2017 Exclusives – The Know Game News


Xbox One & PS4: 2016 Results + 2017 Exclusives - The Know Game News

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  1. Meanwhile: Somewhere in the dark Xbox fans are saying "Microsoft is hiding their exclusives just wait for E3 2017" 😛

  2. Yes Xbox should be bragging about 360 hours played. It's a measurement of backwards compatibility.. what type of garbage is this video?

  3. Not gonna lie, I was happy with Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive, Ori, and Forza Horizon 2, but then The MCC didn't work, Halo 5 was mediocre, and Scalebound is canceled. The ball was dropped hard. Not gonna lie, I wish I got a PS4 instead.

  4. Of that "long" list of PS4 exclusives the only game that actually interested me was the remastered Crash Bandicoot! Still mad my mom garage saled my PS1 and all its games as soon as I moved out and accidentally left it!

  5. You know both consoles are great no console is better than the other. Both have good things about them and sometimes both have problems. Its really your opinion and what exclusives you want to play and which one seem more fun to you. Yes its hard to makema choice but eventually you choose xbox one or ps4. In my opinion i like xbox one because ive been an xbox player my whole life ive had the original one all the way to the Xbox one S and i also love the exclusives that they have. I also like ps4 but im more comfortable playing xbox. Overall its really your opinion and what you like the most and what games you like to play.

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