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“Xbox One” CAN Trade, Sell, Share & Use Used Games | Console News (E3M13)



  1. I want gta 5 I will trade call of duty if you want to trade with me add me on xbox my name is dantm85

  2. Anybody want to trade with add me on Instagram tait_matchap115 ,Xbox one gt (DumbXGamerX598)

  3. I have gta5 and black ops 3 with season pass and the crew am looking for Fifa 17 message :Peakferro22

  4. ihabe bo3 with the season pass and 10 or 20
    other games i want 7 days to die my username is jester1243

  5. Selling the division for 40 bucks assassins creed sydicate for 40 and battlefront for 45 and fallout 4 for 40 no trading needed just money

  6. I have – GTA v, cod 3, destiny, madden 16, the division, the division, and the crew.
    I am looking for – either forza horizon 2 or just cause 3

  7. i have
    goat simulater
    bo3 plus season pass
    fifa 16 plus modded account
    gta v looking for the divson rocket leuge fall out 4
    kik broudpup8160187

  8. I really want forza horizon 2 I go first or no deal I got mincraft and far cry 4 and Destiny

  9. so if I trade my game with a friend and sell my disc copy does that mean I can't we both can't play the game or just me?

  10. I have
    metal gear solid 5
    assassin's creed lV
    gears of wars judgment
    I want
    dying light the following
    rainbow 6 siege
    and madden NFL 16
    kik me at docswag49

  11. i got halo5 2k16 gta 5 fifa16 and gares of war but i get first pick im not scammer my kik is Mx_Mp

  12. Anyone have FIFA 16? I have: GTA V, FIFA 15, Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft & LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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