xbox live connection?

xbox live connection?


I want to get XBOX live.but i have some problems.

-I do not have a computer on the same floor as the xbox

-i do not have any computers EVEN NEAR a TV.

– i do not want to spend $99 on a wireless adapter for my xbox 360

-i also do not have a router

i just wanted to know how much would it cost to connect a chord from my xbox to my computer’s modem (or router if i get one) and how much would it cost if i called a service like Charter to do the floor-floor connection or do it myself.what chords should i get to extend the xbox’s ethernet chord (or whatever its called).

overall what is the best option (please try to answer the questions in above paragraph)


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  1. The ‘cord’ you need is a standard ethernet patch cable. You can get them up to 100m long (but obviously the shorter it is, the better the signal will be).

    If your modem has an ethernet socket (not USB) then you should be able to use it with your Xbox 360/Xbox. You can run the ethernet cable through your house, or outside of it if you’re willing to drill holes.

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