WRC 5 Game Review (Official WRC 2015 Game)

WRC 5 Game Review (Official WRC 2015 Game)


WRC 5 Game Review (Official WRC 2015 Game)


  1. nice review. i liked it.

    mine would be much shorter though.
    "way. too. hard."

    to tell you the truth i havent played any racing games before.
    i am though a semi-pro rally racer myself.

    i honestly cannot even get past the second lesson on the "rally school".
    after the 50th try on the easiest difficulty, i just uninstalled it ='(

  2. You said the backing music might be annoying, yet  I was bouncing to it the whole video. Can I get it's name and composer?

  3. pffff just by watching you it looks awful, no offense to your driving btw

    Rally games one nmae is all I need to say

    Richard Burns Rally

  4. This was not made by the same studio as WRC 4, so of course it would be different.

    Also, Dirt is better but this is more fun? That makes no sense. I thought fun was the main reason we play games at all.

  5. You put the car in a ditch a few times, did you have the damage turned down or like the F1 games does the damage not register unless it's terminal?

    And is every stage in real life in the rally?

  6. hello racers. can anyone tell me how to set this game to play realistic?? i have a lot of problems with handling, car just dont stay on the road :(

  7. I'm rather surprised to say that you enjoy this over DiRT Rally. I played a bit of DR, but didn't want to ruin my enthusiasm for the full release, but from what I played, while it was difficult, it was also immensely satisfying, since it's such a rock solid simulation of rallying. In fact, I'd argue it's more accurate than RBR, which, I feel, is actually harder than real life…

    Regardless, I'm enjoying this a lot, too. It's no where near as good a game as DR, but I can't dislike it at al. It's got some really, really nice ground textures, the physics are kind of fun, and it does some things that I haven't seen other rallying games do, such as completely cutting you off from your codriver if your electronics take too much damage. I dunno, it's just a solid title as far as I'm concerned, though apparently a lot of people are throwing a fit over it not working for certain wheels, or not feeling good enough on whatever wheel works for them, and while I can sympathize, because wheels are expensive and you want to use them a lot… this isn't the kind of game that really benefits from the use of a wheel. DiRT Rally? Oh, yeah, with a wheel, you can't beat it. It's incredible. But if you want something less serious, I don't see a huge problem with just plugging in the ol' 360 pad or whatever and having a bit of fun with the game that way, but that's just me.

    Regardless, I think it's good. The price tag is the only problem with it, being just $10 shy of DiRT Rally's price tag. And for someone looking for rallying, whether arcade or not, I'd have to say that I really think DiRT Rally is worth the extra tenner. Either way, it's fun to me the same way WRC 3 was a few years back (WRC 4 had mediocre track design, and the 30 FPS cap was ridiculous), and more good rallying games being released isn't a bad thing at all. Here's hoping Milestone doesn't fuck up Sebastien Loeb's Rally Evo, because I'd love to have three newer rallying games to play.

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