which one should i buy? ps3 fat or ps3 slim?

which one should i buy? ps3 fat or ps3 slim?


hi i’m going to be getting a ps3 soon and i wasn’t sure which one to buy

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  1. Chris is 2010 & we are in March. Buy the PS3 Slim & it has bigger GB hardrive then the original PS3 consoles.

  2. I have the original {the fat} and it’s cool, but I suggest you get the Slim. It has 250 GB Hard Drive and it is just better!

  3. SLiM! i have a fat. i mean i love it and all, but i’d rather have a slim. more space, less power, i think they even look better!

  4. At this point, it’s just best to get the PlayStation 3 “Slim” with the HDD of your choice (120GB or 250GB).

    The “Fat” models are great and definitely look fantastic, but they aren’t getting sold as new anymore. It’s just best to get a brand new system than a refurbished or used.

  5. I think it mostly comes down to backwards compatibility. If you want to play PS2 and 1 games on it, then I would buy the fat. They are basically the same machines in most aspects.

  6. get the slim. a bigger hd and fewer overheating issues. also recently, ps3 users were in near chaos because there was a bug that only affected the fat ps3’s, not its slim counterpart. if you still have a ps2 (like i do) you dont really need the fat ps3

  7. the slim is honestly less likely to fail. Even though sony would never admit to it that was a major reason they went from the fat version to the slim. Alot of people were getting the yellow light on there ps3. Mostly the 60 and 80gb versions.

  8. The slim is better and I think the fat (older) models had some problems a few days ago so you probably wouldn’t want to get an old one, newer is better.

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