What Xbox Live game’s best for girls?

What Xbox Live game’s best for girls?


Ok today out of curiousity when my brother was playing xbox, I asked could I talk using the headset thing, and he was like um sure. so I was talking, and it was so funny. people were like ‘OMG A GIRL’ and stuff, and my brother had so much people asking to be his friend. so I talked while he was playing for like 2 hours haha.

It was so fun, and I wanna get a game now. but I hate all the fighty games :( well, I don’t mind them buuut whats a game that I can just talk loads to random people in, that I wont. suck at? My brother says halo is probs my best bet, and I don’t really mind that game but meh, your opinions?

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  1. Halo 3 is probably the best game for online play (there are a lot of people).

    Civilisation is coming out in March. That is turn based and there is online play with that.

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