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What is more likely to break a ps3 slim or a ps3 fat?


im planning on buying one and i want to know how easily they each break

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  1. well i have a fat 60Gb and it got ylod(over heating) 3 times in 2 months or less and i had to send it in for repair each time, but i heard that ylod is only common with the 60’s and mayb 40’s.

  2. the newer versions obviously have far more support and more time to have been developed; therefore, the slim is a better choice

    i just bought one and its absolutely amazing

    ive ran it for 7 hours on MW2 and it barely gets warm

  3. Neither, they are both extremely well built. Had both xbox 360 and a ps3(fat) and the 360 broke twice and ps3 has never even once given me the slightest hiccup.

    If your buying new then the slim is going for £250 with a few games, plus IMO the slim is better looking.

    Either way you go, its not going to break.

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