What are the best PS3 games as voted by the public?

What are the best PS3 games as voted by the public?


Hey I just though I’d put it out to you guys to tell me the best PS3 games, cos I’d rather listen to what you guys say than what some reviewer says.

I’m getting a PS3 in a short amount of time and i can only get 4 games (I think I’ve decided on GTA: IV already.) :-) Thanx

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  1. GTA4 like you said

    Gran turismo prologue – not a full game but its only $40 and worth it, full version is coming out next year so it should tide you over.

    Metal gear Solid – coming out at the beginning of June

    Call of duty 4

    if you like baseball games MLB the Show is awesome.

    Rent Drake’s fortune cause its such a short game but definitely worth playing, but once you go through it once or maybe twice you wont play it again.

  2. My favorites are

    Call of Duty 4

    Heavenly Sword

    Resistance Fall of Man

    Uncharted Drake’s Fortune

  3. Hey there,

    I downloaded GTA V for free here: [url is not allowed]

    it’s a perfectly working link!

    The game is based on a character story. The storyline is organized into flashbacks where the three protagonists define themselves and work together to clear up the surprising story behind the title.

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