What are some modems supported by Xbox 360 Live?

What are some modems supported by Xbox 360 Live?


I need to know the ones that are supported and have been tested to work with Xbox Live on a 360. I looked on xbox.com but I couldn’t find the link. Feel free to just answer that question, but I have another.

Okay, so I have a computer with high speed internet (Verizon) and I was wondering, is it possible for me to keep my regular set up for my computer (a phone line to the router, then an ethernet to the computer) and just hook up another phone line to another jack and send it to a modem, which would then connect the ethernet cord to my 360, would that work? Would it be slower if I had them both on at the same time, and would it speed it up if I turned one of them off while I was on the other? Thanks a lot!

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  1. you can’t use two modems unless you pay more money to verizon so if i was u i would go out and get a wireless router thenplug your ethernet cable from the modem to the router then get a another cable to go to your computer from the router. then when it comes to your 360 you have two choices go out and get the 360 wireless adapter or get another ethernet cable and plug that to your 360 from your router

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