Wanting to buy a Xbox 360?

Wanting to buy a Xbox 360?


Is a Xbox 360 worth buying like there not going to bust down on me is it? What are the cons and pros

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  1. pros: you can play halo all damn day. gears or war also. xbox never had a major hack

    cons: pay for member ship. limted internet freedom

    basically, if you have alot of time and like playing online, you can buy an xbox and whop dee doo

    but if you have a lidfe and a job, like me, id get a ps3 its free internet

  2. I have both ps3 and Xbox, and I can tell you I do like the ps3 better but that’s my opinion. I feel the Xbox a great system but here on some pros and cons.

    Cons- live is $60 a year. Big controllers (some like this some don’t). The headsets that come with it break easily. The controllers take batteries instead of gettin charged.

    Pros- most people I know have Xbox. Cheap headsets. Indie games, which are fun little cheap games. It has better connection then ps3 because you have to pay for it. The wired controllers are cheap.

  3. I have a xbox 360 and it’s a really great console. The lowest price for a new one is 200 dollars plus tax in any electronic store.

    Pros: *More people have it. In other words, all my friends, family and coworkers have Xbox 360s.

    *I can download games, updates and demos in the background, even with the Xbox turned off. So I can start a download and go to bed without leaving the box on all night.

    *My late generation Xbox elite has lasted longer then my first generation PS3 (surprisingly)

    *It doubles as a Media Center extender. I have a PC that records shows for me in Media Center (like a Tivo but no monthly fees). I can access these shows and watch live TV over the network via my Xbox. This is a VERY cool and under-talked about feature. And most people with a Windows PC can do this; look it up.

    *The console and games (new and used) are cheaper then the PS3.

    Cons: *you have to pay to play online and use the apps, to me its not a big issue its only 60 bucks per year.

    * it doesnt have a bluray player


  4. Get the old elite! It’s black and has the external memory! And I’ve had mine for 6 years and hasn’t gave me a bit of trouble but unless u but the wireless adaptor you have to use the eather net cable.new Xbox they ate touch screen they have a internal hard drive with means when it breaks all UR memory is shot but it has a Internal Internet roughter

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