Turok Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)

Turok Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)


Turok Xbox 360 Review - Video Review (HD)


  1. the main guy isnt really turok its his son. so yeah…i dont know why they never cleared that up.

  2. I love the line "there's this really cool thing called co-op" hwhat!? Mind melted. This was by far not the first game to offer co-op Bauldr's Gate or Halo anyone?

  3. I hate how people seem to dislike innovation and changes. Turok(Reboot) came out at a different age of First Person Shooters than the others did. Obviously it was going to do this like the games of its age just like the old Turok games did. The shooters of back then were all "Doom Clones" with unlimited weapon slots, pick ups health, etc. Turok(Reboot) came out at a different age. Obviously it was gonna incorporate elements of the first person shooters of its time. Turok wasn't a great game but it wasn't a horrible game either in my opinion. For me, it is personally maybe a 6/10 or a 7/10. It wasn't groundbreaking but it wasn't a bore. Going through the jungles and killing raptors and dinos was a blast.

  4. …What is this? This isn't Turok. Weapon limit, story not like the original Turok, linear, regenerating health…why???

  5. Im here because its been anounced that this one and the sequel will be remastered for XOne 😀 …

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