Turok 2: Seeds of Evil PC Game Review

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil PC Game Review


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil PC Game Review


  1. This review is almost unbearable…..1.) "damage inconsistencies" lol (as you're sniping with a shotgun and half-pulling with the Bow) yes if you don't know how to use the particular weapon it might not damage the same amount every time. 2.) amo is not an issue, You can pick up your shot arrows at any time, cycle through different rounds, there's the talon/war talon, and later in the game you get the wind-razor ( the infinite magnetic saw blade). If you're willing to be like Daryl from walking dead, you'll never have amo issues. 3.) Also I never saw you once use any secondary functions on the weapons. (maybe this is why you're blowing all your amo, you don't even know how to zoom with the tek bow, plasma rifle etc…..)
    Look man, this was and still is a great game and you're comparing it to "doom" which didnt even have 3D enemies. so I clearly see a big bias here.

  2. I love this game, I do remember the game being very stingy with the ammo but I'm pretty sure they where trying to get you to use the bow to one shot snipe enemies from a far as sniper rifles where a brand new thing at the time, also you may not have notice but ammo and health respawns at certain points on the map, there was a audio cue when this happens this happens in most of the large areas so you're never really that far from it, after a while you do get a back pack much like doom that allows for more ammo to be carried and it's only really in the first stage or so that this is an issues if you want to call it that, but I think it gave the game more of a survival feel that along with only having a few save points added to the experience. Save points felt like base camps which I feel is the direction this game series should have moved in.

  3. Well I don't run out of ammo, you can completely refill your ammo at checkpoints and even if you're starting to run low you can use arrows which are basically unlimited because you can pick them back up. You probably just suck ass.

  4. I remember loving this game on N64 but I could never even get past the second level cause I'd get stuck trying to figure out where to go. Actually I couldn't complete any of the levels cause I never once remember ever getting to an energy totem and having to defend it. Actually I played this game for years and years mostly just using cheats on the first & second levels and the first time I walked into a warp portal and met those black demon things when that disturbing voice starts speaking to you and killed them all to grab part of the Nuke, it just terrified the hell out of me so I turned off the game and stopped playing after that.

    Also watching this video I remember the game looking better than what I'm seeing here, most notably with the Vulcan Cannon & Cerebral Bore. Considering the PC is just a port it makes sense that I remember it looking better on N64.

    Definitely need to buy this game again someday and try to redeem myself because I was only like 8-10 when I played it and I did really enjoy it, but never did complete it. Actually I never completed any of these games except for Turok: Evolution on PS2, but I was much older and more experienced by then which not only made me a better player, but I didn't get spooked as easily either.

  5. Wow you were a bit hard on this game… I don't remember it being all that bad. Seeds of Evil is a game I always rented and never owned as a kid, so considering I only had it for two or three days I was never able to complete it… Actually I probably spent more money renting it over and over than if I just bought the fucking game…

  6. terrible review. This game is riddled full of 90s design styles with the mazes, and copy-pasted corridors at times (cough blind ones level), but Turok 2 still holds up as an epic shooter. Compare turok 2 to other console fps's from that time period. The animations are good and I never had problems with ammo. Although I do have the same complaint about the inconsistent hit detection.
    Turok 2 may not have the quality of the top games of the time such as Quake2 and Unreal, but it certainly holds up as a strong title in its own right.

  7. It's interesting you compare this and Unreal. Personally, I've never really got on with Unreal but love Turok 2.

    Though Turok 2 does have frame-rate issues, I've always enjoyed it more. I prefer the art style (which I think holds up better), the music (which I think has more personality and doesn't scream 90's) and even the games premise and world (which is more involved).

    The maze-like levels in T2 feel easier to navigate than plenty of areas in Unreal too.

    Of course, this is all personal but I don't really get the love for Unreal – especially compared to its contemporaries. :)

  8. im having issues running this game beyond 40fps on average. in some areas, i even hit around 10fps. my specs are well beyond what this game should require, does anyone else have this issue? (ive purchased the nightdive remake also)

  9. About the enemy dismemberment system, you should check out Chasm: The Rift from 1997. A 3D FPS that had a really well implemented dismemberment system, probably among the first to feature it. You could blow off both arms of some of the enmies leaving them with only a kick for defence.

  10. I think the performance issues boil down to the game being optimised for 3DFX (Glide) cards only while giving ATI and Nvidia the shaft.

  11. only thing that wasnt perfect was the lack of ammo and save spots, the game was more than perfect for that time and still is for myself the most enjoying shooter i ever played and i played many

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