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Sony Launching TV on PS4


Sony Launching TV on PS4


  1. Reading the comments looks like a lot of Microsoft fans are butthurt over everything. Ahhh children

  2. Hey RedDragon, is this trolling thing constant on Youtube?
    I feel like we're talking to 5 year old bickering children on both console sides.

  3. I would be interested in a service that allow me to pick my content. For example let me pay $1.99 For HBO $1.00 For MTV etc rather than get some package of useless channel. Look, I'm Dominican my family wants to see the three Dominican Channels available here in NY. We get Spanish ESPN and FOX Sport which is nice but Why in the world we also get Ecuadorian, Argentinian TV? We only wanted some tv from our home country . Try to get some sport and come packed with another 20 useless channels. I already have indian and korean tv in the and nobody watch them. We end up with 200 something channels trying to get just 20 or something. So if SONY can eliminate this problem, welcome. It may actually boost sales thanks to people ditching cable. And getting a PS4 as their cable box.

  4. I loved Sony products since I was a kid and I really don't want them to go under. They should sell off all of their branches except PlayStation. PlayStation is the only thing they have going for them right now and it's doing insanely well. They've always delivered on PlayStation (even if I did transition to Xbox after I saw the PS3) and I'd rather them stay alive with their best branch thriving than for them to die off with all their branches still attached.

  5. They're making the game mmo style and this is how MMOs are done. Except for the missions, I do feel they could've done better on that.

  6. Xbox fanboys are the worst. They had to bring this up just to prove their inferior choice of product are the best. This is an added feature to PS4 or playstation in general and other sony devices nothing like the main feature of xbox one. And to add, this is a streaming service not a built in feature to enhance the way you watch your tv. Why are you xbox fanboys always been so delusional about a simple fact and twist it to make it looks like a good point of argument?

  7. The kinnect is great, I lost my remote for my TV a year ago and don't care. Voice Controls Bitch.

    I just say "Xbox watch comedy central" and the mother fucker drops everything I'm doing and now I'm watching Key and Peele.

  8. This is why sony is going under I like the company but seriously your killing yourself with all these stupid TV products and IPs. You say no after a while of making a product look at the vita, go oh wait that got dropped look at the 3D TV, oh wait that was dropped to etc. My point is sony stop killing yourself TV is not a popular platform. Neither is all the other bull crap. Your pulling yourself under don't become like Sega they failed because of to many next Gens and now your doing that with TV's and other products stick to gaming.                                             

                              I don't love either console so please no fan boys down below telling me I love this plat more because I don't and neither should you.

  9. I'm just happy I didn't buy the console from the company that's probably going to go bankrupt in the next five years. A.K.A Sony. 

  10. cant wait, the xbox one tv shit was rubbish you still needed cable lol but the ps4 you dont. so you can all the sony content aswell as live tv and demand this is miles better

  11. To Xboners crying hypocrisy.

    At least they didn't include it just to raise the price. It's an option, not something you have to pay for.

  12. @Gary
    You are a typical example of stupid fanboys with low level of intelligence and selective memories. So sad…

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