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Skyrim UNLIMITED GOLD CHEAT Ps3/xbox 360


Skyrim UNLIMITED GOLD CHEAT Ps3/xbox 360


  1. SO MANY IDIOTS HERE!!! there are SO MUCH better ways to do it guys and they are way more easy like in whiterun you can do the same with the smith and get 1k and a ton of weapons and everything else and everyone in the comments be like "OMG IT WORKED" guys why???

  2. thank you omg this is amazing and it really helped this brightned my day and made me want to subsribe thank very much

  3. and another tip I might add,.. that I found out that if you take the whole loot of the chest,.. you wont be able to trade with the faction of whom you have stolen so keep the chest full!!,..

  4. I hope you like this,.. If you have a horse with you,.. you can loot the whole chest and run towards the gypsies back and forth a lot faster,..

  5. i ended uo killing a dragon around that area and they haven't shown up after two days rip

  6. I L o v e Y o u. As some NPCs in Skyrim would say, The Divines Bless You, er something.

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