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Retro City Rampage DX (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thoughts and Impressions


Retro City Rampage DX (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thoughts and Impressions

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  1. Also, why would this game be too much for 90's gamers to handle? I think you're trail of thought has been convinced by something said in an 80's movie. Come on man, people would have jump through hoops to play this, and LOVED IT!…just like I did when the very first GTA came out, BUT…
    Let's not forget, sandbox games were out even before the 8 bit consoles were introduced. Skool Daze, and Back To Skool were two of the greatest sandbox games ever made (for the spectrum 48 & 128k and Commandor 64)

  2. I think it's a 'little' unfair to say the game doesn't capture the NES games, due to the controls not being exactly the same as the original games. Can't really expect it to be all those games. It's referencing them, not being them. If that was the case, this title would be more of a retro game compilation/emulator.
    Nice review though.

  3. This looks interesting since I saw the game has Bit trip Runner acrade which I really love that game. May get this game later soon.

  4. This review is awful, the effort that went into building this game was immense and the stuff the guy is picking on is terrible, if you wanna play Paper Boy exactly the way Paper Boy handles then go play paper boy.

  5. after listening to so much praise, i saw gameplays on youtube even played on friends pc and i got bored, most boring game, may be its graphics or may be i dont like 8-bit games
    not interested, will pass on it

  6. Indie games are simply getting better and better, I only got into indies recently with Spelunky and Lone Survivor on the PS Vita and man these games never fail to surprise me while the so called "AAA" games never fail to disappoint me along side their gigantic price tags

  7. Somethings telling me to say let GTA be GTA and let 8-bit '80's be 8-bit '80's.. But, I haven't played the game yet.. If anything, I'll stick with Vice City..

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