Home Videos PS4 Update 1.60, $99 Wireless Headset Announced

PS4 Update 1.60, $99 Wireless Headset Announced


PS4 Update 1.60,  Wireless Headset Announced


  1. Hahah everyone is complaining about "oh I wonder why ps4 made it less to make a headset" well the kunts saying this your wrong I love my ps4 and I use my iphone earphones and they work as good as a headset not the best but I can still hear enemy footsteps no one is telling u to buy this headset

  2. I am going to buy this headset later on this week…….The Sony Gold headsets look pretty sweet.

  3. I have the original PS3 headset which is great but the build quality is cheap and it creaks, I'll deffinately be upgrading to this!

  4. My pulse elite's shitty plastic frame kept cracking, had 2 and both sides snapped after 3/4 months use. Shitty sony plastic better get replaced because at $99 it seems unlikely.

  5. Well this sucks,so i was very excited to hear that my sony wireless headset would work.when ever i play bf4 with them on i start having massive lag.I turn them off bf4 runs smooth back on massive lag.wtf!!

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