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PS3 Slim YLOD?


I have a 320 gb ps3 and I want to know if the PS3 Slim gets YLOD, Is there a YLOD for the PS3 Slim? I quit playing my PS3 in January to avoid YLOD because I kept hearing about it. So does the PS3 Slim get YLOD?

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  1. yes , a few have gotten ylod but its a really low number , something like 1 in 15,000 consoles after 2 years or more of use

    there’s nothing you can do if your console was made with one bad part so just take good care of it ( use proper shutdown procedures and keep it well vented , vacuum the vents of dust every few months ) and stop worrying about something you have no control over.

    ylod is a hardware failure that combines overheating , not keeping it cleaned and either a bad power supply or bad heat synch and solder used when they made it so all you can do is clean it regularly and keep it cool.

    odds you get ylod are lower than the odds you get hit by a car or fall in the shower and most failures are from misuse and abuse , not poor manufacture

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