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PS3 Game: Apache Air Assault P1


PS3 Game: Apache Air Assault P1

PS3 Game: Apache Air Assault P1

Difficulty level: Training mode

Playstation 3 – (“EasyCAP DC60″… 25fps, 720×576)

Apache Air Assault - Sharks in the Water (mission 05) - gameplay

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  1. Is that the longest 3rd person view there is? I like the longer further 3rd person view, not so much this kind of view, is too close.
    Also they should make lighter Apache Helicopters from High Entropy alloy, and with 4 small turbines, so they can fly faster forward, and turbines move, so if the pads break the turbines can momentarily lift and lower the helicopter, the turbines should be small only to lower and land the helicopter, so it doesn't crash, with self navigation 3D computer, and autopilot, making it easy, more cameras and infrared cameras.

  2. I am so frustrated. I can finish all missions easily, but this one… Even on trainig I cant finish it. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Are you playing it on training or realistic?. Looks like training?
    It took me forever to learn how to even keep the thing in the air with it on realistic.
    Not enough of these kind of games on console. This game is pretty cool though.
    Anyone remember Thunderhawk-operation phoenix? Arcade styley but cool addictive game play. 

  4. I did the mission at realistic difficulty. I have problems at veteran, but I will manage. The gameplay shown is at easy difficluty level, no fun for me.

  5. I don't remeber their being music in the game, also when the chopper sound glitches it pisses me off

  6. @Kabookiejoe Edit: Please ignore the linked times in my response. Also, since I am fairly new to the BF series, I just realized that BF2 is different from BFBC2, which is what I have. However, from what I understand, the flight mechanics of heli's have not really changed all that much in the series.

  7. @kabookiejoe I love BF2 and play it regularly, but the Apache flight mechanics of it pale in comparison to Apache: Air Assault (Sidenote: I actually bought A:AA b/c of BF2).
    From 0:40 to 2:08 are aerial maneuvers that I've never seen (or can do) in BF2, but are totally done in A:AA. I suggest giving it another shot. PM me and we can play together or just horse around. I love flying with others 🙂

  8. @hunhatrix78 Also Veteran which is even harder than Realistic, which can be unlocked after finishing the campaign.

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