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Playstation network helpline – Banking etc.?


I downloaded a game and it didnt work so I kept downloading it and it turns out that it has taken approx. £65 out of my account. I need to call playstation network helpline to sort out this problem. I dont need a helpline about the playstation itself, one where I can talk to an actual person not a robot. Thanks for the help 🙂

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  1. just call the toll free number listed on their websites contact information

    press 0 to get a person or whatever number you need to get the right department

    you can also contact customer service via twitter and get a response without 24 hours , the twitter page is @AskPlaystation

    it’s a free call so if it takes a while it won’t cost you to hold or go through some menus

    you should first go into the accounts e-mail to check for receipts of the sale , then check the accounts transaction history and download list from the ps3 to see if you were overcharged and for what. maybe you were accidentally adding funds to your psn wallet , not buying something? or maybe you were charged the full price plus taxes and it’s correct? you don’t want to call and find out it’s your mistake or not have proof if you were overcharged.

    you should be charged once , then can download free as many times as you want from the download list unless you subscribed to something and didn’t cancel so were charged for a new subscription – in the case of playstation plus for example you are automatically charged to re-subscribe if you don’t cancel before your subscription ends.

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