Original Xbox games join Microsoft’s backward compatibility program

Original Xbox games join Microsoft’s backward compatibility program


Original Xbox games join Microsoft's backward compatibility program


In this video I clean and restore a modded original Microsoft XBox that I found at a thrift store. Then I show it to you guys, how exciting!

Gamerade - Modded Original XBox for  - Adam Koralik

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  1. im a pc kind of guy. but i wouldnt mind getting a xbox one s or x if they have plenty of games that are backwards compatible.

  2. Mine has that same mod chip with all different emulators in it and a whole lot more including everything on that one.

  3. I have Xbox v1.0 with Xecuter 2.6 CE Modchip with direct wiring install with no problems i like wiring method better it popular install

  4. such a powerful machine .I've still got mine it's fantastic for retro emulators to .good video

  5. I went to a 2nd hand shop seen a modded xbox the mod chip was hanging out side of it so the guy gave me it for nothing 😀

  6. At a flea market, I got an original xbox with a dvd play kit adapter, a fat controller, a newer xbox controller, a very disgusting white mad catz controller, av cables, a power cord, and component cables, a adapter that lets you plug a mic into the controller and lego star wars for $45

  7. Ive had my xcuter modded xbox for years i had it made years ago for about 200$ i have dammn near every game for it. But now days the display just scrolls on it .

  8. I'd pay 15.50 for a working Xbox Classic console… IF I didn't already have 4 modded (1 hardware, 3 softmod) laying around. I used these systems back in the day for my media players (XBMC) before Rokus and Chromecast were invented. I probably would still have one of them hooked up if the RaspberryPis didn't take over as my emulation systems. I have no intentions of getting rid of them just because they are still fun to hook up and play original Xbox games on… and I hoard hardware.

  9. i have had this mod for over 10 years and i still play it. i love it so much its fucking awesome

  10. I need to know how to get my Xbox to play the games keeps saying insert a memory device! can you do a video on that for original Xbox?

  11. Looks like an xecuter 2.6 .. really shitty install tho.. guess somebody just wanted to avoid buying games and get themselves a dongle free dvd player. Still got a chip knocking about unused somewhere.. with one of those "solderless" damn pogo pins things.. the plan was to use it repair the things, but then we worked out it was easier and faster to just dump the board eeprom data and lock an already set up drive.

    Still have and use my pair of 1.1's.. with their xecuter 3's and their 300 gig drives and samsung 605B drives.. those are the ones you really want.. the tommy and philips drives are junk..

    BTW.. if you want to run a cd-r in a tommy.. just don't finalize it 😉

    peace.. and happy burning.. G05 8x .. ridata were good..

     Janrocks 😀

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