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My Xbox 360 will not read disks after I replaced the CD drive, why?


I recently replaced the CD Drive in my Xbox 360. All the functions work but it will not read disks other then DVD movies. What can I do?

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  1. Oh my you forgot to flash the new dvd player with the dvdkey. Oh yes a 32bits hexadecimal key that is paired to the motherboard. It is part of the secret handshake and this means that the wrong key or a full zero’d out DVD player will give the wrong handshake back. And then the xbox 360 doesn’t runs games. It will play DVD’s and Audio Cd’s but for Game Content it needs to make this secret handshake.

    If you have the old drive you can get the key from there and put that key into your new DVD drives firmware. If you don’t have the old drive. you got a nice dvd player.

    Right [url is not allowed].

    There you go that should help you out! Oh and before you ask IF you have lost the old DVD player and HAVEN”T backed up it’s firmware. You are SOL!

    I hope you we’re smart enough to keep the old drive so you can read it out and program the new one with the dvd key.

  2. u had to spoof the drive with the old drive key and info from the original if you do not have the old drive to get the info off of you have a 360 that will nvr read games

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