Mondo Cool Reviews: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3)

Mondo Cool Reviews: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3)


Mondo Cool Reviews: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3)


  1. "Something charming about the way these characters look. I just can't explain it." literally 3 seconds after he says that big giant boob shot commences Riiiiighhhht. We've got ourselves a REAL mystery here guys.

  2. I think I'll be picking this game when I'm finished with Legasista. By the way I heard there's a musou style game for the Vita. I thinks it's called Hyperdimension neptunia action unleashed.

  3. Hey man, great review. Definitely picking up this soon. I'm just about to finish HDN mk2 and Im definitely going to pick up this soon. I have very similar taste as you so I trust you on this one. And future reviews, subbed 😉

  4. Just picked this up yesterday, I'm loving the "moe" style visuals if it's moe or kawaii I'm gonna be all over it. Since I love anime and RPGs (not quite otaku level yet) picking this up was a no brainer, and at 20 quid down from 30 it was a steal now I need to pick up the other 2. You've got a new sub I liked the way your review didn't tear into the visuals and the gameplay itself, you're pretty good…

  5. Hi, I've been watching most of your videos and I thought I'd say that they're very informative! I like them very much. The reason I'm commenting is because I have been looking into Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory for quite some time now and I think it looks really fun and interesting. Everywhere I went, like IGN and Gamespot all I heard were bad things about it. So I wasn't really sure if I should get this game. However, the game still intrigued me so greatly because I thought that the character designs looked really great. But yesterday, I came across this video, because I decide to look up a review from a person who has actually played this game. After watching this review it totally made me want to get this game. I am so excited for and I can not wait to buy on the PS Store. And finally, thank you for making a great review on this game. It's honestly the best, most informative (on both it's pros and cons), and the most honest review on it I've seen.

  6. Good review. I believe this series thrives on its moe style and comedic story

  7. I liked the first one, but will get this one if i beat the 2nd one. Btw Nobuo Uematsu and his band Earthbound Papas composed the music in this game !

  8. damn i gotta play this game more, looks like you get some awesome moves. sucks about the mouth flaps not matching up. if i had known about that i wouldn't have bought it LOL nice review man

  9. I am so glad to see this series get some love. It is very underated to most gamers. I am working through the first game at the moment so I will be going the trilogy so I am looking forward to it.

  10. did you found that easter egg that you can use the creator of megaman to defeat enemies

  11. Not into moe type games, their visual always put me off, but I like seeing game reviews of games I've never heard of, keeps things fresh. Nice to see your reviews once again.

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