Microsoft Xbox E3 Live Stream 2017 Press Conference Xbox Scorpio Reveal Xbox...

Microsoft Xbox E3 Live Stream 2017 Press Conference Xbox Scorpio Reveal Xbox One X


Microsoft Xbox E3 Live Stream 2017 Press Conference Xbox Scorpio Reveal Xbox One X

(Part 1 of 2) How to Stream To Twitch on The XBOX One (Updated Version) - Twitch Error 0x20B31181


  1. What is Microsofts deal with thinking that if they make an console that can present more pixels on screen and market it for more will get them somewhere? Look at Nintendo for example, if people think it needs more pixels or better processing power they are not Nintendo fans at all. The switch was one of the best launches to date! Microsoft making their consoles hundreds of dollars is not going to sell as well PURELY because of their price! And the games are all the same! Shooter after shooter, "Open world" after an other, not one game has an original formula that makes me want to own the Xbox.

  2. Not sure Xbox One X is good name for it. It sounds awfully similar to Xbox One S. I can imagine that distinguishing between the two names will be near impossible over the phone or VoIP. Nothing about it has impressed me so far.

  3. Not one of these games looks half as good as horizon zero dawn, the x box game looks retarded

  4. never ever would I buy a game for download those who do are asking to be ripped off. this will be the death of the consoles and this will be the way xbox is heading. and at $499 no thank you.

  5. Dragon Ball Z Fighter is what Im interested in. They brought back Budakai 3 side view. Hell Yes! Everything else looks good, but I own alot of it on PC already.

  6. I've got this on one monitor and i'm playing Forza Horizon 3 at 3840×1440 averaging 115fps. Needless to say, XOX is leaving me less than impressed. 10/10 would not recommend to anyone.

  7. Why not focus on making actual good games for a console rather than keep releasing better consoles. Nothing will sell without exclusive games to sell it.

  8. Do You Want Me To Check Out Your Twitch Page When Your Live?? Post It Here! Ill Come Say Wassss UPPP!!!!!

  9. You got me confused when you said you cannot hear your other party? You need a computer? I'm confused as i'm not looking at using a computer to use xbox one. BTW i dont have one yet but looked at your video to learn more about live streaming.

  10. thanks, just bought an xbox, wasn't sure why it wasn't working for me b4, but retracing the steps way you showed resolved this for me

  11. yo uh, i went into the online safety part of the setting and there was no custom option there, what do i do

  12. When I press broadcast it says were sorry something when wrong with the broadcast and says to go to @twitchsupport on twitter or visit error code 0x10331196………… HELP!!

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