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Microsoft and Connected Consoles: Crash Course Games #10


Microsoft and Connected Consoles: Crash Course Games #10


  1. Compared to the ps2 and the xbox the gamecube looked like a tiny toy for kids. That probably hurt sales.

  2. "Balanced"

    Yeah, Melee is balanced, if you only play Marth, Fox, Falco, Falcon, or Jiggly. everyone else doesn't exist.

  3. Its quite a fact that a powerful system doesn't always mean fun gaming.A console,in my opinion,is for playing games…I don't want nor do I need it to watch dvd movies.

  4. Ohhhh gods, I'm so bothered by the nomenclature for the handhelds: it's two words, "Game Boy", and…"Gameboy DS"? Pleeaase.

    I noticed some mistake earlier in the series, but count this as my tipping point to comment on it.

  5. OMG CHILDHOOD MEMORIIIIIIEEEEEES!!! A Gameboy SP and Gamecube were the first consoles I could call "mine".

  6. I literally spent all day after watching the first 4 episodes in the morning about if and how a NASCAR game would be in here.

  7. Sure the original model of the PS2 requiring a separately sold network adapter to play games online was pretty restrictive and i couldn't find one in the shops near me to use my original PS2 which i'd bought in 2001 online, when i went looking around late 2005 when i first got broadband but the slim model which came out in 2004 fixed that by having full network capability straight out of the box, so i bought one of them, just to play my PS2 games online 🙂 .
    I also bought a Logitech screen which attached to the system and i still take the combo to hotels, mostly to use as DVD player now and the screen means i can still use the system even if the hotel's tv has its' av channels locked out (which a handful of places do) 🙂 .

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