Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 Gameplay – New Gameplay 1

Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 Gameplay – New Gameplay 1


Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 Gameplay - New Gameplay 1


  1. Madden 05-08 were golden man. Everything after wasn't that fun. 05 or 07 was definitely my favorite

  2. I've played some 1990's maddens.. n all maddens from 2000 n up cept for this one… lol I was hooked on COD3 n GEARS in 2006-2007

  3. The graphics on this game were amazing.  Starting with 07, they went downhill.  You could tell they sacrificed quality for a higher frame rate.

  4. THIS Madden was the start of the downfall…Thank you Greed-A Sports for DESTROYING video game football. Good thing is that hopefully 2K can come back next year or something, so Madden would be forgotten.

  5. Madden 25 sucks also… So what difference does it make… They both suck.. Best Madden games are found on the ps2 … Smoother animations, better game engine… better games back in the day…This version was the start of the BS because EA changed the entire game engine for the Xbox 360 and ps3.. BROKEN ENGINE…

  6. i didnt get a 360 until i madden 07 came out. i remember bringing it home with the new madden ready to play owners mode with my brother like we always did. put the game in not only is owner mode removed but you cant play co-op. ea sucks

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