Kitten Squad HD PS4 Gameplay

Kitten Squad HD PS4 Gameplay


Kitten Squad HD PS4 Gameplay


  1. I will say that I love the music in this.
    Why did PETA have to use kittens as their prop pusher? I love kittens, but I don't like pETA.
    However, the sounds and music in this game are good. you get points there pETA, but Hudson (who played this game and helped me play it) said she didn't enjoy this at all.

  2. More like the worst game ever created lol, youd think the people who made it had eyes.. so they could see how freaking horrible the arenas look compared to the characters.

  3. I appreciate the efforts, but PETA, this is never gonna stop. No matter what you due animal abuse is always gonna be a thing

  4. LOL, so basically, PETA took a great game called Smash TV, which was awesome, full of blood, gore, and was kick ass fun, and they turned it into a liberal, lame, boring, tear jerker story of the "poor animals trapped by those evil fisherman,, and those "horrible, horrible, conservative republican hunters", and are using this crap to brainwash our kids into wanting to "save the wilderness, and wildlife".

    Using a TON of copy/paste enemies, and environments, like rocks and grass, taken from games of the 90s, without using any talent what-so-ever, they have created a completely boring game that even my 5 year old kid was tired of playing 8 minutes into it, and asked me to put Smash TV back on the Xbox!

    Thanks PETA, thanks for making a boring game about saving the wildlife that no kids really want to play, and no adult gamer would give two craps about. Thankfully this was FREE on the PS4 as a PS+ user, otherwise it would have been money wasted entirely. Is this in HD, absolutely! Would it matter if it weren't? Not at all! The game is THAT bad! Some games are better in HD Remasters, but this game, it would not matter if it were in 1 million HD resolution running at 120fps. The game is plain horrible. Nice try, but if you want to brainwash our kids, you need to at least do it with games that are 100% FREE, just so they know how worthless your games, and this lame agenda your pushing, really are.

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