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jRPG Fanatic’s Review || Fairy Fencer F – Advent Dark Force


jRPG Fanatic's Review || Fairy Fencer F - Advent Dark Force

Dai Reviews : Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force (PS4)


  1. Nice videos. You should advertise your channel more.
    Just a suggestion, you could put some informations on the game in the description, such as which platforms it runs, etc.

  2. Well, if there are spoilers guess I won't watch this review. I bought this game on a whim not knowing anything. I just wanted another turn based jrpg. It seems to have mixed scores.

  3. I dunno if you'll respond, but how much is advert dark force is dubbed? It seems like it got the Neptunia treatment on the first five minutes of playing.

  4. also i think i might get this one now It'll b awhile cuz MANY on list already, but i'll be sure to let ya know what i think when i do.

  5. Nice revenge touch Dai, ha ha yeah not so tough now that Dai is back in the game huh? People like that delve in chaos a little TOO much wouldn't you say Dai?

  6. why does the main character look like he had Sora from kingdomheats head photoshopped onto Kirito from sword art onlines body?

  7. I gave up SO FUCKING HARD ON THIS GAME TOWARDS THE END I STG! I bought this game on PS4 a few months ago, to pass time while my wifi was down (since I couldn't play Victory II) And towards the end, there was a boss that I could not beat, which made me GIVE THE FUCK UP!

  8. Lol Tiara and Noire scene is soo funny XD. It's true though. Noire being friends with Tiara from a different game XD

  9. Eryn end is the only true end allother endings suck where Eryn disappeared was way too sad

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