internet and xbox live?

internet and xbox live?


i have just moved into my mums house for a week because my dad is away (im 15) and im trying to run xbox live in her house. My mum uses a stand alone broadband modem with 2 ports one for the power cable and the other into the wall for the telephone line to run the internet. I dont own a wirless adapter for my xbox so i always use an ethernet cable. I figured if i connected the ethernet cable into the port on my mums laptop it will connect to xbox live, but when i try to connect it says the ip adress test failed. Also on my laptop it says that the Local area connection (LAC) has limited or no connectivity. any suggestions would be gratefully recieved quick answers please!

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  1. you are gonna need to invest in a router or hub.something that will “split” the internet and the ip addressess.good luck and hope this helps.


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