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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Review


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Review


  1. My problems with this Game is the Status Mechanic is broken.
    In other Words: If I use a Move/Skill that has a Chance to inflict Poison, Paralysis, or Skill Seal, 95% of the time, it never works in the players favor.
    Aside from 2-3 Characters(DLC included), 99% of all the Characters' Combos, SP Skills, and EXE Drive Skills that cause Damage, are Physical, and almost all of the enemies resist physical Attacks.

  2. From what I've read; the creator wants to have a HN game fully voice acted, but they add so many mini-scenes post-production after voice recording time that it's nigh-impossible.

  3. this happens a lot with dual audio where some part are not dubbed in english, I don't really really care though

  4. Hyperdimension series is kinda the same always but still the cutscenes are pretty fun, specially where neptune say something random (goddess of random) Xd. This game is more close to a VN than a JRPG but for some reason you wanna knows what happens next, specially with iris. Thx for your review now i have a better perspective about this game.

  5. there's something about Mk2 and Victory's gameplay that i find really fun. i had a lot of fun exploring the combat system and creating combos, using different sets of equipment on everybody to get them as strong as possible, etc. plus the fact that it does have synthethis, even if it's slightly limited, made questing for specific items worth it. also can't forget the fact that you can upload your own photos and make weird HDD color palettes! You should review Ar Tonelico 2 or Ar Nosurge, i'm a big fan of those particular games.

  6. I can not understand why the general consensus is that Victory is better than MkII. Besides Plutia, the cast is totally better in MkII I love Gust and Nisa and Uni and 5pb and compa etc… music and story and combo system are totally better in mkII, MkII feels more polished overall theres lots of half baked stuff in victory like the scout system which I'm guessing nobody used. Plus MkII gave us the brilliant battle system which was really interesting and innovative. MkII is the best and a great underrated game in general! Love Victory too though

  7. Awesome review! You're a better JRPG reviewer than most IGNorant sites out there, I'm subscribing!

  8. Great review. I'll help me to decide if i buy it now. Is this version superior to MkII?

  9. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 only a handful of cutscenes are voiced in the English dubbing, but in the original Japanese dub every scenes is voiced every single scene.

    I'm enticed to play Victory again to see if all the scenes are voiced when put on the Japanese dub of the game.

  10. excellent review, most reviews on this game are just booohooo the women have boobs and are sexualized , good to know some actual insight

  11. If you play in original language you always have voice acting and it's even better then english voice XD

  12. japanese games = they just gotta be so hardcore on the gameplay, gives me a perfect challenge 🙂

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