Home Playstation Forum how to fix a scratched bluray ps3 disc?

how to fix a scratched bluray ps3 disc?


I recently bought a game from gamestop and I did not check for scratches and the game works perfectly fine, until I got to a certain point, the game started skiping in game during a cut scene, I could still pause the game to skip the scene and it would just freeze up, not the ps3 just the game but it does this every time I put the game, every thing works fine I just cant move forward in the game. But there is just one light scratch on the disc, and some lent, I dont know how to remove it without scratching it.

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  1. You can take it back to the store and have it exchange for a cd that is in good condition, actually thats what u should do. They sold u a defective product.

  2. I use a “DiskDr” that polishes them. It has worked on nearly every disk I’ve used it on. It’s great when I get a scratched disk from Netflix, so instead of sending it back and waiting two days for another copy I spend two minutes cranking the handle and it plays.

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