How to Build a Lag Switch (HD)

How to Build a Lag Switch (HD)


How to Build a Lag Switch (HD)


  1. Can someone tell me if thisll work???
    The only reason i wanna use this is to disconnect from the public servers in GTAV so it'll disconnect you from everyone in the game and creating your own lobby to invite your friends and complete the CEO/Motoclub/Bunker missions.
    Instead of being an asshole in PVP I want to AVOID the assholes in regular congested lobbies.

  2. In the beginning you gave us the required items for this… but you forgot to mention "Scrub ass bitch" You definitely need one of them as well.

  3. I like how people are complaining about lag switching but y'all are the ones looking up how to make them..

  4. i thought this was just a fucking joke/meme the past 9+ years of my life but its fucking real who would go through all this trouble to win something that doesnt matter LOL WTF

  5. is it one of those lag switches that you have to cut on and when you see an enemy then cut off or can you keep it on for as long as you want for the entire game?Please respond before I make this lag switch

  6. Fuck you and go die in a fucking fire, why you teaching these asshole fucktards how to make these fucking things?

    You sir are a class A, 100 percent inbred fucking cunt as piece of fucking trashfuck and you deserve to get cancer and die from it.

    Go fuck yourself, you morally bankrupt sack of absolute demon-jizz.

  7. So it was You!!
    Teaching the kids how to cheat online!
    8 years ago.. hahaha
    I didn't know people actually do this shit to win.

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