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How much will I spend for Xbox Live?


I just got an Xbox 360 (It’s old – maybe about 4 years old :P, and I got it for free) with 3 controllers. Nothing else, just the Xbox 360 itself, some controllers and few games.

I want to know I much money I will spend for the whole Xbox Live thing. I have a high speed Internet in case you want to know 😛

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  1. Also, if you get the RROD and send it off, they give you a code for a 1 month of gold, which is approximately how long it takes to fix it, so don’t worry about that.

  2. well at walmart and game stage they have this orange box i think its 70$ i wish i would have gotten this when i got xbl it comes with a mic(20$) keyboard(30$) and a year of xbl (50$) so thats a good deal

    also add me when u get it my gamertag is cheesemaster17

  3. You can buy a years subscription for $50. You can usually find those with an extra bonus month so you get 13 months for $50. BTW, I’d be careful using an older 360. Those are known to get the red ring of death. Most have been replaced by Microsoft by now.

  4. $7.99 for a one month subscription.

    $19.99 for a three months subscription.

    $49.99 for a year subscription [usually 13 months].

    They’re discontinuing the one months, but you might still be able to find them some places.

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