How much can i get from gamestop for a 40 gb ps3...

How much can i get from gamestop for a 40 gb ps3 with 4 games?


Okay so ive thought long and hard about this and i wanna trade my 40 gb ps3 in for a 360.i got more friends on 360 plus it seems better. anways i was wondering how much would they give me for a 40 gb ps3 with mortal kombat 9/ marvel vs capcom 3/ blackops/ and kilzone 3.

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  1. ask in store they’ll probably tell you to bring it in so they can check it’s condition and give you a final price, the price of other pre-owned ps3s and games ther could give you an indicator, but you’ve got some decent games so ebay would probably fetch you a better price

  2. The PS3 will get you maybe $100-120. Probably not much more. The games might be worth another $100. Gamestop won’t give you much to begin with and the PS3 just got a price drop this week so now its worth even less.

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