Home Playstation Forum How do you connect a PS3 Slim wirelessly?

How do you connect a PS3 Slim wirelessly?


I have gone through almost all network settings and everytime it leads to “failed to obtain iP address”. Or, “the key information exchange timed out”. Im using my roomates router and I have the correct WEP key. I used this router connection for my Xbox 360 and my laptop. But for some reason, it won’t work for my PS3. The router im trying to connect to is a linksys router and I just bought a PS3 slim. I even tried to connect to a unsecure network and it still wouldn’t work. That’s where it said “failed to obtain Ip address”.

Any information would really help me here (:

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  1. you might need to put in the sever or take it to the shop or see a pro

    but make notice that the router is connected or buy a new one usb or lan

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