How can you determine if a ps3 game will play on your...

How can you determine if a ps3 game will play on your NON-HD tv?


I just got a ps3 slim and my friend said that not every game can be played on a standard TV because of the “regions”. Is this true? If yes, how would i know which games can be played with my ps3 slim? Thanks!

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  1. yeah pretty much what they said. only way it matters is if you want to port some game from japan or something. but on a game brought at your local store, no.

  2. i am very certain that all games will play, both on HDMI and the old fashion audio/video cables on all games

    the only draw back is: if you play a low resolution game on an hdtv using HDMI, the resolution will look really bad. and vise versa, playing a 1080p game on a regular tv will look substandard

  3. PS3’s are region free and your friend is a tard a very big one. I have ordered games from europe and japan and there work just fine the PS3 will scale them to the correct resolution right for the cables you use and with HDMI it does better but since you have a non-HD TV. I’m going to assume you have a regular composite cable.

  4. Your friend lied, regions deal with different areas. Like US, and Europe are different areas/regions, so that’s only when playing from one country settings on another country systems. PS3 plays any game on any TV because it has two different outputs for the TV. Regular RCA (Red, White, Yellow), and HDMI. I have mines on HDMI, and ALL my games worked when I had RCA in. RCA just shows regular resolution 480i on a TV, and HDMI displays games at either 720i, 1080p, or 1081i which is HD. No need to worry the games WILL work

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