How can I get 30 Microsoft Points?

How can I get 30 Microsoft Points?


I have 770 Microsoft points and i want to change my gamertag but i dont want to buy $5 worth of ms points.When the new black ops map pack came out i got 30 free MS Points from my email but i used those.Also I have signed up for xbox live rewards but its not really helping.Any idead on how i can get 30 just 30 MS Points?Or maybe you could have a code in your email and gve it to me?Lol thanks anyway for answering.

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  1. Microsoft is giving away 1,000,000 Microsoft Points as celebration on the merging of the Games For Windows Live and Xbox LIVE marketplaces. Make a purchase before August 1st, and you get 200 FREE MICROSOFT POINTS!

  2. sorry but other than a contest or something, you can’t really get them for free. well espetially only 30

    i think you should just spend the 5$ if you have to

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