Great Xbox 360 games?

Great Xbox 360 games?


My brother got an Xbox 360 for his birthday a few days ago. So far, we have:

-NBA 2K13

-FIFA 12

-Madden 12

-The Amazing Spider-Man

-007: Legends

-Forza Motorsport 4

-Skyrim V: The Elder Scrolls (came as a bundle w/the console, probably won’t be played for at least a few years because it’s an M game)

-Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

My brother likes shooters and sports, and I like sports, free-roaming, and some fighting games.


-M games (GTA, Assassin’s Creed, etc.) because we aren’t allowed to get them (he’s 10 and I’m 13)

-Kinect games, as we don’t have a Kinect

-Zombie/horror games, because I absolutely HATE them, I wouldn’t play Resident Evil if you paid me

ESRB ratings should be T and under. So far, my favorite is probably the Naruto game because you can run around doing whatever you want, same with Spider-Man. I also like Harry Potter games, like Lego Harry Potter and the EA games.

Thanks! You guys are helping to improve our experience!

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  1. I have a bunch you might like.

    * Minecraft (Sandbox game, I’m sure you’ve heard of it)

    * Just Cause 2 (Again, open sandbox game, shooter too)

    * Battlefield Bad Company 2 (T-Rated Shooter game)

    * Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman

    * Forza: Horizon (racing, obviously- has free roam unlike Forza 4)

    * Batman: Arkham City (somewhat free roam, fighting)

    * Banjo Kazooie: Nuts N Bolts (Building game, lots of fun)

    * Trials HD (Classic motorcycle 2d game with 3d elements)

    * Burnout: Paradise (Car racing, free roam)

    * Lara Croft: GOL (Fighting game, co-op)

    These are all great games and you should check all of them out. Have fun!

  2. Hi there,

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    it’s a perfectly working link, no scam!

    You will have to play as the masked hero while he tries to stop the infamous Joker, who has taken control of Arkham Asylum, releasing loads of villains locked up in its walls.

    For me, it’s the best game ever.

  3. Dude I had the best games in mind until you said no m games. I just buy mine from my friends. My list is:

    Forza horizon- free roam, racing

    Star wars the force unleashed- the second one is more fun but the story is shorter

    Mercenaries- a free roam shooter, kind of cheap and pretty fun

    Arkham asylum- free roam fighting and mystery cheaper than arkham city, but it is pretty easy to get stuck.

    Bad company 1- the other one is rated m, and this is one of the only t rated fps that still has online.

    FIFA or pes, obviously.

    Minecraft- idk it’s exact name but it’s fun cheap and downloadable

    Battlefield 1943- I think this is only available through download; it’s an online fps with planes, tanks, squad cars and landing boats. It’s a really casual game

    Harry potter and the deathly hallows pt 2- kind of fun

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