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EyePet | PlayStation 3


EyePet | PlayStation 3


  1. Oh my god, my childhood game.
    I lost the camera for the PS3 and I couldn't play it anymore.
    I miss it so much ;-;

  2. hey PS i have a idea EyePet for the PS4 i used to have a PS3 until the inside melted… its a long story, but i'd love to play eyepet again its soooooo fun, cute and always gives a smile on your face
    hope you enjoyed my idea BAI

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that the Eye-pet (monkey creature) looks Ike Gizmo from the Gremlins movies?

  4. This is great fun and it works well, got the game and camera new from Amazon in the UK for about £5.

  5. What is this world coming to… Bring back neopets tamagochi. YEAH! Will somebody please think of real animals! pay attention to your real animal!!!

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