DC Universe Online Xbox One First Look

DC Universe Online Xbox One First Look


DC Universe Online Xbox One First Look


  1. the game pretty good if u a sub that is. FTP is pretty harsh. feels like a demo really if anything else. I enjoy if though but it's story quests kind of mehh. better though then most mmo story quests. just not on the level like star wars, eso, the secret world. and guild wars 2 lol

  2. To be completely honest, with the character creation and gameplay structure, this is similar to what I thought X Men Destiny was going to be like. Creating your own hero from a range of powers and combat styles. After the trailers came out I was even willing to accept the subpar visuals of X Men Destiny this MMO is even able to surpass at times, but was dissapointed to find they couldn't even make the excuse that the game was too big to focus on detail (seriously, no linear 3D game should look that basic).

    Really, I'm just hoping there will be a similar superhero rpg videogame release or a sequel to this game because it does supply some genuine fun for someone who traditionally doesn't like MMOs (i.e. me).

  3. I played this a ton at release, and when the Green Lantern DLC was released. My biggest issues both times were that the level cap is too low, so it takes a few days to reach it. After that, the game just got boring quickly. How is it on XBone? Is it fun to play for an extended period of time, or is it "hit level cap in a week, then play something else"? Also, how are the gamepad controls? I'm especially concerned about the inventory etc. I really miss this game, and are considering returning.

    My favorite moment in the game was logging in Friday afternoon, then playing non-stop until around noon Saturday, sleeping a couple of hours, then continuing playing until late Sunday. That was insanely fun. 😀

    (doesn't beat Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, though. I said hi to my guild mates when they logged in Friday. Saturday morning when they started waking up, I was still playing. Sunday morning? "What the hell are you STILL doing playing? Go to sleep!" LOL!)

  4. Bob Ross is the best scenery painter I've ever seen. " We put a happy tree here and a happy bush there."

  5. This is actually a pretty enjoyable game. I have to say though, it was far funner when there were pvp servers. Leveling and just going through the story/questing had a sense of real danger around every corner, because many quests would be in the same general areas as the opposing factions quests, normally of same level. This was surprisingly one of the best world pvp games i ever played. And unfortunately, all that's gone now. Still a solid fun time though, I'm sure.

  6. is a good game,even better with a team,also clip at the start is awesome but really bad voice lol.

  7. Loved the game, but unfortunately it suffers end game drag like most mmo's. Played through it six time, one for each mentor and got two characters to end game. I found myself waiting for the next update where they will expand on the story, but began to lose all motivation to log in. Also not a fan of the constant buffing and nerfing of the powers. At the moment certain power will have a set load out that you must use in order to get the most out of your powers.

  8. I wish this game had been able to maintain a decent player base. The few players it did retain are kind of awful. I did enjoy it, even grinding to get Harley's hat.

  9. I can imagine him knifes ready in primal position, with atomic fire coming out of his ass. And then speaking in a slow and peaceful Bob Ross voices.

  10. The game does have crazy lag/frame drops whenever too many people are around. Is this also the case for the PS4 version?

    Will this slowly go away if they add more server space, or is it the XB1 hardware that is limiting the experience?

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