Dare to Fly trailer

Dare to Fly trailer


Dare to Fly trailer

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Não se esqueçam de subscrever, gostar, comentar, partilhar e colocar este vídeo nos favoritos. O feedback é essencial, por isso conto convosco 😉

Se leram a descrição até ao final não se esqueçam de partilhar na zona de comentários a Tag Mistério, ou seja, aquela que se apresenta em baixo e não encaixa no conteúdo apresentado no vídeo 😛

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COCÓ NA CARA - Dare To Fly!

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  1. I randomly won this game on the Playstation forum… Will have to check it out. Look tiring!

  2. For exclusive videos and content , check out our official YouTube channel and Facebook page -"Dare To Fly Official PS3 game".

  3. If the US gets it for $4.99 I'll buy it. Looks like a cross between Wii Fit Plus Birds eye bulls-eye and Nights into Dreams minigame from Sega Superstars Eyetoy on the PS2.

  4. FAIL. Good concept, the use of the two Move controllers works well for flapping and steering. Sadly, the devs have overlooked a DIFFICULTY setting so it can be adjusted to suit a player of any age or xp with Move controllers. This game is too difficult for my young child!

  5. It is a little sad. I played some of the original Sports Champions the other week with some visiting family members. We had so much fun with Frisbee golf and archery etc. I really hope the new optional camera for the PS4 is utilised well and has some great software for it. People slag the Move off but I have always had fun on the rare times I bring it out! :-)

  6. I only have one working Move controller at present. Does this game NEED two or can you get away with one?? Answers on a postcard please :-)

  7. This is how the PS4's more powerful hardware is being used? I have no issue with how the game plays, but come on, you guys couldn't have put a little more effort into making it pleasant to look at? It looks like a programmer's first game…

  8. Move has too much potential, like a Skyward Sword game, they just make casual games for the move, I use it barely and that is sad :(

  9. O jogo e fixe, mas fica muito secante ao fim de algum tempo. Eu sugiro que nao facas a serie, fica grande seca

  10. Simples descrição do canal do Remedy em minha opinião:
    Melhor que o do Felipe Neto,
    Mais Humorístico do que Gamer!

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