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Cuphead Will Not Come to PS4 – IGN News


Cuphead Will Not Come to PS4 - IGN News


  1. wow really? cuphead isn't coming to PS4? huh… couldn't tell with the fact that it was part of the exclusive section in the E3 press conference. you're late IGN. as usual. about a month late this time.

  2. Ok so I guess I'll have to wait for any sequels? Stupid for them not to want to sell more to make more money. To each his own I guess.

  3. Shame this would have probably felt better on the ps4 controller. Its fine ill still get this on xbox one I'm more worried if their will be a physical edition coming out.

  4. Yeah this is really disappointing. I play PC, and always have, but exclusives are just ridiculous.

  5. I thought this was already known. I have a feeling that there's a possibility Cuphead 2 (I know the first game isn't out yet but I want it to be successful enough to get a sequel) will be on PS4 just like what happened to Titanfall.

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