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Can I download (from PSN Store) and keep PSP games in my PS3 until I get me a PSP?


Thanks 😀

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  1. You can purchase PSN content without downloading them. Downloading is a separate step after purchasing, just back out of the screen without clicking on “Download.”

    When you get your PSP, connect to a wifi signal and sign onto your account. Enter the PSN Store. In the top righthand corner is a row of icons, one is to “View Downloads.” It’ll list all your game purchases there, and let you download them.

    Or just wait to buy and access the PSN Store from your PSP. You’re only allowed to download a purchased game a certain number of times, so i wouldn’t waste your first time downloading just to save them to your PS3.

  2. Yes you can, I’d know because I own a PSP and PS3. I downloaded a demo recently and I saved it on my PS3, Then transferred it to my PSP

    But if your getting a PSP, Get a Memory stick duo for it too

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