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battlefield 3 ps3 lag problems?


i got battlefield 3 for ps3 on march 21 and ive been playing multiplayer which worked great. 3 days ago i started co-op which lagged so much. i finished it yesterday so today i played multiplayer, and ive noticed a lot of lag when i run and sprint, and when im in aircraft vehicles, my jet would keep “popping out” in front of me (going forward in the tv screen) and then not appearing on the screen nonstop. why is this happeening to me? does it have something to do with me playing co-op? plzz help!

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  1. He’s right. Nothing to do with the game. Contact your inernet provider. Just ask to get more speed for your inernet. I had the same issue with at&t i had to call them. They wont charge i dont think. Test your inernet in settings and, tell your provider the signal stregnth and etc. Good luck!

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