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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Vidoc


Dive behind-the-scenes with David Prien from Xbox and Mike “Strongside” Cavanaugh to find out how the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller was made, including details on customization, swappable parts, paddles and much more.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Vidoc

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  1. It only has a 3 month warranty. What kind of confidence do they have in it if their service warranty is only 3 months for a $150 USD controller? I was told by their customer service to take it to someone who is authorized to repair controllers. I asked where that would be around my area and they honestly said "I don't know, you'll have to look that up." Elite controller? Not even close, I haven't even had it a year and they won't do ANYTHING to help me fix it. As far as I'm concerned, after my subscription runs out, I am selling my xbox and everything with it. A multi-billion dollar company can't offer at the very least a 1 year warranty on their Elite products? Frankly it is insulting.

  2. Hi Xbox i Need Your Help i Wanana buy Xbox one s But i Not Have 4k Tv Did xbox one s Works Without 4k Tv Please reply Thanks

  3. "the customization is endless".. No.. That's not how it works..
    If you have 100 parts you can switch out there is a certain amount of maximum ways to set it up differently, not endless…

  4. Got this back in June, and I loved it since. But back in September, my brother was walking out the hall, tripped, and fell. His chin hit the Right bumper. So the statement "This controller, you're not breaking", is a lie.

  5. i love the elite controller but both my analogue sticks are now loose the only thing holding them on is the casing

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