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xbox 360 unreadable disk error?


my xbox 360 keeps saying unreadable its pissing me off i cant play ANY of my games except halo 3 and cod 5 every other game says unreadable and there brand new its so gay i don’t know where to buy a lens cleaner or how to clean it anyway so how do i fix this problem i tryed calling 18004MYXBOX and they didn’t help :@

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  1. ^^^^ MOST INTERCOOLERS VOID THE WARRANTY, just keep it a well ventilated area (but sadly it won’t help this error).

    How old is your Xbox 360? hopefully less than 1 year cuz your gonna have to have send it to MS soon for an actual fix. I had the same problem and it only took MS 11 days (round trip) to fix it. They will give you the option to: 1. Print your own shipping label, pack it in your own packaging, and send it (they will try to get you to take this option to”save you time”). 2. send you the label and all the packaging material. MAKE SURE YOU GO WITH OPTION 2! The only way they will cover “shipping damages” is if its in their packaging, and UPS is NOT gentle (when I got it back, the box was trashed but luckily microsoft packs it really well!). It is pretty quick, gives you a new 3 month warranty and a week of live gold free. for some temporary fixes check out these links [url is not allowed].

    and [url is not allowed]. ( this one works best!!). but it (your 360 dvd drive) will eventually stop working all together. so go to [url is not allowed]. and check your “warranty status”, register it and request a repair (sooner the better) and just use the temp fix links to get you through till your label and box get to you. *NOTE* “open tray” and “disc unreadable” errors are the same problem so those links should help. GOOD LUCK.

  2. You can try to rub the game disc with rubbing alcohol, but this happened to me before and it was only because my XBox 360 was overheating. So you might want to buy an intercooler or get a whole new XBox.

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